Today we build a brighter future

Planet first

Adressing climate change

The world community is facing a significant restructuring if we are to achieve the climate goals for 2030. In order to succeed, knowledge and a willingness to change are required on the part of both authorities, businesses and consumers.

We at Spilka are committed to reduce our environmental footprint, and helping our customers and society to do the same.

Our environmental ambition is to minimize our footprint by proactively managing our impact on biological diversity and by promoting efficient resource and waste management throughout the value chain.

Spilka has no emissions except clean water in connection with our production and a detailed sorting system forms the basis of our waste management.

Circular economy action plan

Spilka aim to make products of excellent quality, using fewer resources, and creating less or no waste in the process.

Designed to last

Focus on sustainable development and long-term value creation ​​is important to us at Spilka. Products from Spilka are designed in an optimal way to to be long-lived and reduce the environmental impacts.


Our approach to waste management is based on the reduction hierarchy: we work to find ways to avoid, minimize and recycle waste instead of sending it to landfill.

Throughout production, arrangements have been made for sorting down to a detailed level, and if possible, packaging is reused in its current form or rebuilt.

Our most important raw material is steel. Steel itself is 100% multi-recyclable, which means that the steel can be used again and again with at least as good quality. This leads to lower extraction of natural resources and less impact on the environment.

All surplus metal from our production is recycled.

ESG Policy

Spilka is committed to adhering to and complying with fundamental environmental, social and governance principles.

The Company is dedicated to sustainable growth and value long term profitability that correspond with proper environmental behaviour, social justice and corporate citizenship. To ensure sustainable growth the Company must consider its performance and impacts in the three key areas: environmental, social and governance (ESG issues).

Spilka believes that responsible value creation ultimately provides the best returns. Having sound procedures for ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) work, is an important part of Spilka’s strategy of maintaining a focus on this area – both in investment decisions and in terms of the company’s daily operations.

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