Today we build a brighter future

The front runner

Leading supplier of innovative, functional system solutions

Spilka was established in 1933, and is probably best known as the world's leading supplier of complete system solutions for the production of outward-opening windows.

This is still the cornerstone of our company and we continuously work to improve existing products as well as development of completely new, innovative solutions for windows and doors.

With almost 90 years of experience using steel as a raw material combined with our expertise in the development and production of steel components, we now focus on an even greater range of system solutions for the construction industry.

We have defined two business areas: Spilka Door & Window Solutions, which represents holistic system solutions for manufacturers of doors and windows and Spilka Building Solutions, which offers sustainable building solutions to improve the construction industry's environmental footprint.

Common to these two business areas is our aim to develop complete solutions that will contribute to improved production efficiency, better constructed buildings and better care for the environment.

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Innovation and sustainability at Spilka

Partnerships to achieve our goals

Sustainable solutions in partnership with our customers and suppliers are an essential part of Spilka's strategy and vision.

Innovation and sustainability at Spilka


Today we build a brighter future

We strongly believe that what we all do today, echoes in eternity.
In Spilka we strive to be in the forefront of developing sustainable
solutions for existing and upcoming buildings. We also believe that
the only way we can build a brighter future, is by working together.
This is no one man show, but we are dedicated and motivated to
do our part properly. Today. Every day.


Our complete solutions will contribute to improved production efficiency, better constructed buildings and better care of the surroundings.

Improved production efficiency for our customers - through close cooperation, innovative solutions and delivery security that make them attractive and competitive.

Better constructed buildings - through unique complete solutions within windows, doors and facades.

Better protection of the environment - through sustainable solutions, right choice of materials, excellent design, flexibility and efficient logistics.

Our core values

Our core values define and explain the expectations for every employee in their daily work routine. They drive the cultural change towards outperformance and act as the basis for regular performance evaluation, recognition, and decisions.

We are one Spilka

We are one unit - and many unique employees who together make up the parts that make everything work

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We are ambitious

We will share laughter, knowledge, ambitions, information, moments, great innovative ideas, the challenges and the success.No sharing - no success!

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We are customer focused

Customers can demand the best from us, we provide a positive work environment so our team can deliver to our customers' expectations'.

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Our customers should experience that we deliver more than complete, profitable, innovative and sustainable solutions.

We must also be a proactive, responsive and constructive partner delivering beyond expectations.