Today we build a brighter future

Our contribution towards

A sustainable future

Since 1933, we have used our knowledge to develop and produce durable products that the world needs. We are now developing further as a more global company where focus on sustainable solutions forms an essential part of our strategy.

Today, the world faces global challenges which mean that we all have to produce and consume in new ways. Resource extraction must be reduced, while longevity and a circular economy must be central to all production and development.

We at Spilka will contribute to a more viable and fair society by developing products and solutions in innovative and effective ways. Our strategic focus is on sustainable resource use, to make a difference in the construction industry.

This is an industry that globally accounts for:

  • 40 % of the greenhouse gas emissions
  • 40 % waste from processes
  • 40 % of the energy consumption
  • 40 % of the material consumption

Our ambition is to reduce this considerably through innovative, reusable solutions that are made in the most responsible way, with an emphasis on resource and energy efficiency and the least possible impact on the climate and environment; with respect for human and labour rights and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

At Spilka, we care about both what we do and the way we do it.


Our complete solutions will contribute to improved production efficiency, better constructed buildings and better care of the surroundings.

Innovation and sustainability

Partnerships to achieve our goals

Sustainable solutions are an essential part of Spilka's strategy and they are also rooted in our vision.

Sustainability is central to our development of innovative solutions, choice of suppliers and production.

Improved production efficiency for our customers - through close cooperation, innovative solutions and delivery security that make them attractive and competitive.

Better constructed buildings - through unique complete solutions within windows, doors and facades.

Better protection of the environment - through sustainable solutions, right choice of materials, excellent design, flexibility and efficient logistics.