AS Spilka Industri

Spilka was established in 1933 and is currently a leading supplier of complete hardware system solutions for the production of outward-opening windows.


Was invented by a local man, Harald Kvasnes, in 1959 and brought a transformation to the window industry, both for the producer and the end user as the windows could be fully reversed.

At Spilka quality is key

Conscious choice of materials, efficient production and a well established quality control system ensure high quality products and solutions.

Good solutions, efficient production

Spilka offers an established portfolio of market relevant window hardware solutions. We deliver what our customers need to be able to manufacture functional, robust windows.

Complete system solutions

Spilka develops and delivers complete system solutions for the production of windows and doors. Our solutions and products are sold to our cooperating partners and customers in more than 20 countries - and are well known for their unique performance and high quality.
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A tribute to the man who turned our industry around

In 1959 a local man, Harald Kvasnes, built a window with a hinge that allowed for the window sash to be turned completely around without entering into the room, allowing easy cleaning of the external window pane. The hinge was patented and the window was called “HUSMORVINDUET” [the housewife’s window].
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