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Uncompromising focus on quality

Close collaboration with our customers and an uncompromising focus on quality in all aspects of manufacture and product performance is Spilka's trademark. Our solutions are robust and simple to manufacture for our customers. The end-user experiences are ease of use, dependable function, longevity and low maintenance requirements.

The first exports took place in the 1960's. The name was simplified to “H-VINDUET” (H-Window) with corresponding names in various other languages.

The Norwegian inventor

From prams to world-leading in hinges - in only three decades!


Spilka was founded in November 1933 by Knut Stafset as Spjelkavik Barnevognfabrikk AS

The first products were prams and doll’s prams.


Following a fire in 1948 the manufacture of prams came to an end.

Hinges for the expanding furniture industry in Sunnmøre became the main product in the following years. At the same time the company name was changed to Spilka.


In 1959 Harald Kvasnes, a local inventor, built a window with a hinge that allowed the window sash to reverse without entering into the room, allowing easy cleaning of the external window pane. Spilka Classic™ was born.

Spilka Classic™ was patented and the window was branded “HUSMORVINDUET” (the Housewife’s window). The new invention rapidly became a winner, and top hung fully reversible windows have been the most popular window type in Norway for many years.


From the 1970’s to the present day the Spilka Classic™ hinge has been further developed and improved. In 1977 production increased considerably and it became our most important product.

Our unique in-house expertise related to window construction and development and the development of system solutions for windows, is shared with our customers through collaboration projects and assistance with production and construction of window solutions.

We pioneered the development and production of outward-opening fully reversible windows.


Spilka Industri expands the product range and establishes production towards the growing market for aluminum cladding.

Aluminum cladding increases the lifespan of a window and considerably reduces the need for maintenance.


Spilka Industri takes a new step in industrial development, and launches a patented system for mounting of facade panels.

The newcomer Fixade is designed for reuse and has been developed with sustainable resource use in mind.