Spilka Top-hung

Top-hung hinges from Spilka are a practical solution consisting of two components – one frame component and one sash component.

Sashes with this opening function can be used in combination with sashes that have other opening functions in the same window profile.

With the Spilka Top-hung hinge, the whole sash may easily be removed to gain a larger opening when used as an escape route.

Maximum sash weight for windows produced with Spilka Top-hung hinge is 40kg

Windows with Spilka´s Top-hung hinge may be produced with wooden profiles similar to Classic, Opus and Swing as well as most other wooden window constructions.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Research and Development department for an efficient consultation of whether your current wooden construction would suit this hinge solution.

Top-hung hinges may of course also be used in window constructions made of PvC, glassfiber and aluminium. However, the degree of adjustments that may be required will depend on the individual profil construction