Spilka Top-hung

The Spilka Top-hung hinge is a simple hinge solution often used for cellar, storage room and garage windows.
Simple window assembly
Weight capasity 40 kg

Spilka Top-hung
- simple to install-

The Spilka Top-hung hinge solution consists of two parts - a frame part and a sash part - which makes it a practical, quick and reliable solution.

Spilka Top-hung is a practical solution consisting of two components, one for the frame and one for the sash. The frame component is made of plastic that for the sash is made of corrosion protected steel.

Top-hung sashes can be used in combination with sashes with other opening functions in the same window profile.

When used as an escape route our top-hung hinges allow the easy and quick removal of the whole sash.

Spilka´s Top-hung hinge is a simple and reliable hinge solution for production of tophung windows, often used in storage rooms, cellar and garage windows.

Despite this hinge being of a much simpler solution then our other systems, both functionality and material are of the well known Spilka quality