Spilka Tango

Spilka offers a complete solution for production of the Tango sliding door. Both the profile construction and the fact that the system solution consists of relatively few components makes the Tango a production efficient alternative.

Maximum weight on each wheel assembly (sliding door carriage) is 50 kg. The maximum weight for a sliding leaf with two wheel assemblies is therefore 100 kg but extra wheels may be added for larger patio doors.

Tango sliding patio door has one fixed panel and one sliding panel.

Our patented wheel assembly is the key to the solution. The patented wheel assemblies feature a unique movement during opening and closing. When the door is initially opened the wheels tilt and direct the weight of the sliding leaf outwards. During sliding the wheels are vertical and allow a low friction operation without rubbing against the weather-strips.

The frame and sash profiles need to ensure good fastening and support for the hardware. In practice, there will also be requirements relating to performance, strength and seals that limit maximum size and associated weight.

On top of the aluminium cill profile a further steel profile is fitted to provide added resistance to wear.

When closing the door, the sliding leaf is assisted in positioning itself against the end keeps. When the door is closed, a specially designed espagnolette lock will pull the sliding leaf against the side of the frame and thereafter press the sliding leaf towards the seal.
Another feature is a ‘handle lock’ to prevent the handle meeting the fixed leaf when the door is fully open.

Spilka has also developed a adjustment sleeve for the Tango sliding door to allow for adjustments after the door is installed. This sleeve is to be installed from the inside, please see illustration here, and is easily installed on existing doors.

Profile description and fitting instructions
Here are the profile description and fitting instructions for Spilka Tango provided in pdf format.

Maintenance (FDV)
Here we have made available an overview of recommended maintenance for the Spilka Tango system. We do however want to point out that the level and frequency of maintenance depends on your local surroundings such as weather and proximity to sea/water etc.

Material types
To date Tango has been used primarily on widely-used timber profiles (using our Classic and Opus hinge window hinges), including aluminium-clad, but Spilka can offer individually adapted profile variants if required.

Tango can be produced with an aluminium wheel bearing and Spilka’s R&D Department can also offer assistance with advice and design of individually adapted aluminium profiles. Naturally, design and manufacture would need to be re-worked and adapted for the production of sliding doors on new platforms, but the design and principles will correspond in many areas.

It is possible to produce Tango in other materials but this is likely to require a new profile design or adaptation of existing profiles. Our R&D Department will be able to advise you on the requirements and assist on the design.