Spilka Swing

Spilka Swing is a unique hinge solution for the production of side swing outward opening windows that allows the sash to reverse 180°
Reverses 180 degrees
Only 5 modules
Sash weight
40 kg

Spilka Swing
- the revolution of sidehung windows-

Swing is a leading quality hinge for production of side swing windows. As opposed to most other side hung hinges, Swing is a 180 degrees reversible solution. The hinge is based on a unique concept whereby an enclosed wheelhouse with ball bearings carries the sash and ensures easy opening and closing.

Spilka Swing is designed as a ‘holistic’ system in which all components are developed and adapted to one another. The window may be opened by traditional catches or multipoint locking espagnolette. Both options allow the window to be locked in a ventilation position.

Swing has a safety lock as standard, and the initial opening of the window is to a maximum of 80mm at the side of the window, which has been adapted to the requirement for child safety. The safety lock also has a wider, ‘ventilation’ position that also prevents the wind from blowing the window open or closed.

The unique construction of this hinge solution ensures easy and comfortable operation of the window. All hinge components are performance-tested by being opened 20,000 times. Any components that may be exposed to impact from the elements have added corrosion protection in stainless steel.

The Scandinavian outward-opening window

Spilka Swing is one of our three hardware window solutions which are fully reversible. Outward opening windows provide a unique functionality and practical user advantages. The actual window construction improves and reinforces the window’s performance qualities against natural forces.
Play animation to see how the Spilka Swing system works.
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