Spilka Side-hung

Spilka Side-hung hinge, a traditional hinge with important improvements.
Stronger connection profile - hinge
Sash weight
50 kg

Spilka Side-hung
- traditional windows made better-

When we decided to start our own production of a system solution for side hung windows, our ambition was to further develop an already well-established hinge solution. Based on customer feedback we constructed a hinge with small but significant improvements. The result is a solid and competitive solution. High quality materials, good corrosion protection and short delivery times are important criteria. Spilka Side-hung hinges offer an excellent and competitive alternative with our renowned Spilka quality!

Also for side-hung hinges – or casement hinges – Spilka offers a complete system solution consisting of the hinges and a broad and appropriate range of components including a separate safety device, handles, end keeps, glazing beads and espagnolette solution with a cover cap of polypropylene.

Spilka Side-hung system solution offer the complete package for window manufacturers. The core of the system is the improved hinges that we produce in-house which satisfies our own quality requirements with regard to materials, technical quality and corrosion protection.

Spilka has developed three variants of side hung hinges for outward opening windows. Two variants have "control collars" for ease of installation, whilst providing a stronger connection between profile and hinge. The third hinge variant is without "control collars" and are designed for window producers who does not have the opporunity to make the pre drilled holes for the "control collars".

The hinges are supplied with either a flat end stop or a decorative finial. These are interchangable and both are made of a resistant plastic material.