Spilka Opus

Spilka Opus is specifically made to maintain a flush outside surface with its discrete appearance.
Sash weight up to 80 kg
Only 6 modules
Integrated 'blow-back' restrictor

Spilka Opus
- the discrete solution-

Spilka Opus is the core of our system solution for production of outward opening, fully reversible windows. This hinge was developed in close cooperation with our customers and offers a system solution for top swing windows. Opus is a "hidden" hinge to be mounted between the frame and sash of the window, thereby not affecting the exterior. Since its launch in 2004 it has become an established and widely used solution.

Windows with Spilka Opus™ hinges are opened by means of a handle on the lower part of the sash and can be closed and also secured in a ventilation position via an espagnolette locking system. Spilka Opus™ hinges incorporate a safety lock as a standard, this limits the initial opening of the window to a maximum 80mm at the bottom of the sash.
For cleaning purposes, the window can be turned 180º, which will engage the safety device and hold the sash securely. The sash does not intrude into the room, curtains and plants on the window sill are not disturbed.

Spilka Opus™ is specifically made to maintain a flush outside surface. This makes it very well suited for production of windows with aluminium cladding.

Outward opening windows have a weather performance advantage as the sash is made tighter against the weather gasket in the frame by increased wind pressure.
Consistent and precise production of our hinges and components, with sealed, lubricated rivets on the hinges, allow for a long operational life for Opus-hinged windows. The sash is securely balanced on the hinge and is easy to operate in all positions including fully reversing for cleaning.

The Scandinavian outward-opening window

Spilka Opus is one of our three hardware window solutions which are fully reversible. Outward opening windows provide a unique functionality and practical user advantages. The actual window construction improves and reinforces the window’s performance qualities against natural forces.
Play animation to see how the Spilka Opus system works.
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