Spilka Classic

THE ORIGINAL - The Spilka Classic hardware solution is the market leader for the production of fully reversible outward-opening windows.
weight up
to 80 kg
Only 7 modules
Allows efficient window

Spilka Classic
- it simply works all the time-

THE ORIGINAL – The Spilka Classic system solution is the market leader for the production of fully reversible outward-opening windows. Since its launch in 1958, more than 40 million hinges have been sold, a unique recognition of its function, quality and market appeal. With an impressive track record of only 0.0006% factory-registered complaints or 6 ‘faulty’ hinges for every one million sold, it continues to be one of the most reliable, safest and in-demand options on the market both from an end user and a business perspective.

Spilka Classic™ is used for horizontally top hung, fully reversible windows - also called top swing windows. The window is opened by means of a handle at its lower edge and can be shut in a narrow ventilation position via an espagnolette locking system. Classic™ has a safety device as standard, and opening towards this allows for an opening of about 80mm at the bottom of the window. For cleaning, the window may be swung 180° and the safety device will then engage, holding the window firmly in position. The window does not swing into the room, and therefore curtains and potted plants on the window sill are not disturbed.

Outward opening windows have a weather performance advantage as the sash is made tighter against the weather gasket in the frame by increased wind pressure.

The Scandinavian outward-opening window

Spilka Classic is one of our three hardware window solutions which are fully reversible. Outward opening windows provide a unique functionality and practical user advantages. The actual window construction improves and reinforces the window’s performance qualities against natural forces.
Play animation to see how the Spilka Classic system works.
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