Aluminium cladding

Spilka Aluminium cladding allows window producers a high degree of flexibility and efficiency.
Improved value chain
set up
Flexible solutions
Efficient processing

Aluminium cladding
- any profile in any colour-

Spilka Aluminium profiles are the flexible way to meet your aluminium cladding requirements and needs. Our set up allows for efficient processing and delivery of any system and profile, be it bespoke or off-the-shelf, this with your competitive advantage in mind.

Spilka Aluminium cladding is our concept solution for standard and tailor-made cladding systems for windows and doors. Efficiency and flexibility are the cornerstones of the concept. The flexibility to offer bespoke as well as our own off-the-shelf solutions is built into our concept. Through strategic partnerships on every level, we are able to offer any profile design at competitive terms.

Profiles are efficiently and accurately processed according to customer specifications and requirements (lengths, angles, milling for bars, etc.). The finished product is packaged and labelled according to customer instructions for easy incorporation into own production.

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