Aluminium bars and beads

Spilka Aluminium glazing beads and bars for standard and bespoke profiles and accessories.
Any profile
Competitive terms
Tailor made

Aluminium bars and beads
-a complete system with few parts-

Spilka Aluminium Bars cover your entire need for bars in the most efficient and user-friendly way.

Spilka Aluminium bar is the user friendly and efficient way of meeting your window bar requirements. Our system solution has a unique design which delivers clear advantages to our customers. Our innovative multi-channel design sets our solution apart from the rest of the market. It brings our customers clear advantages in terms of improved stability, production tolerance and visual finish.

To suit your production flow, Spilka aluminium bars can be supplied fully assembled, processed with locking pins and Spilka bar clips pre-inserted, only processed or uncut in lengths of 5 meters.