The Scandinavian solution

Complete system solutions for production of outward opening windows and doors, off-the-shelf or tailored to your needs, this is the cornerstone of our product offering. Our solutions – well known for their unique performance and quality - are sold to cooperating partners and customers in more than 20 countries. Our ambition is to provide products and services that increase our customers’ competitiveness.

A windy, wet and in many ways extreme climate requires extraordinary solutions – windows are no exception. In order to meet these challenges we developed our portfolio of Spilka window solutions. Our passion for excellent performance and functional solutions with the highest quality come together to form optimal solutions for manufacturers, installers and end-users alike.
Based on the outward opening principles tough, windy weather, ironically increases the windows performance. Wind pressure applied to the window pane increases pressure of the sash on the sealing gaskets, making the window even more draught proof. In addition the solution provides the end-user easy access to the mechanism for maintenance and for cleaning of the outside of the windowpane.

Creating value together

Spilka - your key partner

At Spilka we believe that partnership is about making all parties involved successful. Therefore, entering into a partnership with us means meeting all your needs for outward opening windows and door hardware from one supplier. This means not only the hardware itself, but also, advice, construction services, testing, etc – everything from start to sale. Our goal is for our partnership to grow.
“Creating value together”

Spilka Services

At Spilka we take great pride in the fact that not only do we sell top quality products and system solutions, but we also provide a full suite of services to help our partners bring their products to the market.
Our services include construction of the window solution, tailor making parts and components, product testing as well as product development – all with the ambition of helping our partners succeed in the market place.

Outward opening windows are simply better

Scandinavian designed outward opening windows have found markets well beyond its origin. Whereas their ability to insulate and reduce heat loss remain key benefits in the northern hemosphere, the same functionality but with opposite effect makes it attractive in warmer climates, i.e the ability to keep heat out.

Key benefits of the outward opening window

- Excellent wind and rain resistance - energy efficient!
- Easy to operate, does not open into the room
- Easy to maintain and clean from the inside
- Fits most architectural styles
-Thoroughly tested profile system
- Complete hardware system solution
- Production manual available
- Flexible sizes